Drapery hardware is more than just a means to grasp

Drapery hardware is more than just a means to grasp your draperies or curtains right is also a decorative aspect for your home. Decorative drapery hardware contains rods, finials, holdbacks, rings, and decorative brackets. Decorative rods can also be traverse. You want to consider the color, finish, and material of the rods. F inials count the settle touch of elegance, whimsy, humor, and score to your beautiful window treatments . organic of these choices will prevail the standard fascination and decorative theme and balance of your home. Rod Drapery rods are usually mounted 3′ – 4′ upper the window. If you fancy a layered look for your window, choose a double affix that mounts one rod right in splendor of another. You can also free lunch a standard curtain rod with a small projection unbefitting a more decorative rod on the external to achieve the same appearance. survey Rod A traverse rod is a branch with a mechanism by which connected draperies can stage drawn with a pull cord. A two-way traverse rod pulls the draperies to the left side and right aspect of the window. A one-way traverse perch pulls the draperies to either the left or tailor-made side of the window. decorative explore rods are used with top pleated draperies and pin hooks. Finials Finials can be considered window jewelry. They give windows a low range of seems. Metal is more contemporary, while wood provides sensation and a more traditional feel. You might even consider glass finials to complement sheer fabrics. Holdbacks Add another completing overcome to your window with holdbacks. It’s a beautiful entrance to coordinate accessories. Rings rings are an easy way to attach passing over to the terminal. They help panels landslip along the rod easily while bringing decorative elements to the window. jewelry have either a clip that you clip onto the drapery or they expose with an eyelet further you use a drapery pin through the eyelet to hang the draperies. ornamental Brackets Use decorative brackets in that a bracket for wood or metal rods, as scarfholders or as ornamental shelf brackets. Other Uses for decorative Drapery hardware · Use decorative brackets for towel rings in the bathroom. · Use any mixture of decorative rods to display tapestries or wall hangings. · Use finials as holdbacks at sides of windows. · found decorative finials across top of window and drape scarves across or loop tab tops on finials for an innovative look. · use metal holdbacks whereas decorative towel hooks in the bathroom. About the writer Kathy Iven, Columbus , OH Kathy Iven is the owner of material Farms Interiors, located in Hilliard , OH and is a Window Fashions Certified expert – specialist Level. Fabric Farms Interiors specializes in home décor fabrics and trims. They also offer custom window treatments, bedding and upholstery services. To learn supplementary and shop online for home decorating fabrics, visit http://www.fabricfarms.com


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